TYAN S7106 (S7106GM2NR-L2) - Overview

(Item pictured represents S7106GM2NR-L2 only.)

TYAN Tempest CX S7106

Rack-Optimized Dual Socket Server Motherboard

  • Industry Standard 12" x 13" EATX Form Factor
  • Dual Socket Xeon Scalable Processor Family
  • (16) DIMM slots supporting up to 2TB DDR4 RAM
  • (2) PCIe x24 slots for riser card deployment
  • (14) SATA ports & (1) NVMe M.2 port
  • (1) PCIe x16 OCP LAN Mezzanine supporting speeds up to 100Gb/s
  • (1) PCIe x16 Storage Mezzanine for SAS or NVMe Retimer
  • AST2500 BMC with IPMI 2.0 and Redfish

TYAN S7106 (S7106GM2NR-L2)

TYAN S7106 (S7106GM2NR-L2)
SKU Chipset X557 10GBase-T PHY Mezz UPC code
S7106GM2NR Intel C621 - 635872043154
S7106GM2NR-L2 Intel C622 Yes 635872043352

TYAN Tempest CX S7106 Dual-socket server motherboard S7106GM2NR-L2

The Tempest CX S7106 is designed to be an ideal platform for cloud computing and datacenter workloads. Featuring support for the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family, the S7106 utilizes an industry standard 12"x13" EATX form factor to support the widest range of commodity off the shelf server chassis designs. The board also utilizes the industry standard OCP v2.0 LAN Mezzanine slot to provide support for a wide range of high speed networking cards, including 1/10/25/40/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Tyan's S7106 motherboard features a pair of PCIe x24 slots designed for use with riser cards to support up to 2 Full Height / Half Length PCIe x16 cards in a 1U or up to 6 PCIe slots in a 2U. Including the OCP v2.0 LAN and Storage mezzanine slots, the s7106 can support up to 4 PCIe x16 expansion cards in a 1U and up to 8 in a 2U enclosure.

The S7106GM2NR-L2 SKU features an upgraded C622 PCH which adds support for the M7106-X557-2T2E Intel X557 LAN PHY / Dual Port NVME combo mezzanine card.

Key Features

Xeon Scalable Processor Family

The new Xeon Scalable Processor is Intel's largest advancement in a decade and brings many new features and capabilities:
  • Up to 28 CPU cores per socket
  • 50% Increased memory bandwidth with 6 memory channels per socket
  • Memory speeds up to DDR4-2667 (depending on CPU SKU)
  • No slowdown in memory speed when deploying 2 DIMMs per channel
  • Increased PCIe connectivity to 48 PCIe Gen3.0 lanes per CPU socket
  • Native support for up to 14 SATA ports
  • New Ultra Path Interconnect
  • New Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512)

High Expandability

Tyan's Tempest CX S7106 motherboard offers maximum expandability within a standard 12” x 13” SSI EEB form factor. This offers outstanding expansion capabilities in standard 1U server enclosures. A commodity 1U server chassis can support four PCIe x16 slots:
  • (1) PCIe x16 OCP LAN Mezzanine (Supporting network speeds up to 100Gb/s)
  • (1) PCIe x16 Storage Mezzanine (Supporting SAS HBA or 4-port NVMe retimer)
  • (2) PCIe x16 FH/HL cards (In Left and Right 1U riser cards)

M7106-L16-1F (Sold separately)

M7106-R16-1F (Sold separately)

Things get more interesting in a 2U chassis as the motherboard features a pair of PCIe x24 slots. Tyan has a pair of available 2U riser cards with a MUX that support either x16/x0/x8 or x8/x8/x8 support, allowing each card to support up to one x16 slot and a x8 slot, or up to three x8 depending on configuration.

PCIe x16 Storage Mezzanine

The Tempest CX S7106 features an internal storage mezzanine slot to allow the deployment of additional storage options without consuming a PCIe slot in the rear of the chassis. The motherboard features support for an 8-Port LSI SAS3008 HBA and a PCIe x16 retimer mezzanine for NVMe deployment:

Tyan M7076-3008-8i (Sold Separately)

Tyan M7106-4E (Sold Separately)  Coming Soon! 

Intel C622 PCH and LAN PHY Support

The S7106GM2NR-L2 SKU features the upgraded Intel C622 PCH which brings a pair of on-package 10Gigabit Ethernet controllers. This chipset allows a PHY mezzanine card to be deployed in the motherboard's OCP LAN slot.

Tyan has an available mezzanine card named the M7106-X557-2T2E which features the Intel X557 LAN PHY. This card connects to the C622 PCH's 10Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports the 10GBase-T Ethernet protocol. This card takes advantage of the fact that the X557 sources Ethernet connectivity directly from the PCH instead of the PCIe slot and makes 8 PCIe lanes available through an 80-pin Oculink port for NVMe connectivity.

M7106-X557-2T2E top view (Sold separately)  Coming Soon! 

M7106-X557-2T2E bottom view (Sold separately)  Coming Soon! 

205W CPU Support

The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family features processors with a maximum TDP of up to 205W. With this in mind, the VRM of the s7106 motherboard has been designed to power the most demanding of the Xeon SP lineup.

Support for up to 2 GPU cards

The S7106 motherboard is designed to feature support for two GPU cards when deployed in a 2U chassis. The available 2U riser cards M7106-L24-3F and M7106-R24-3F both feature a x16 slot in the upper half of a 2U chassis, allowing double-wide GPU cards to fit in the airspace above the CPU heatsinks if 1U heatsinks are deployed. This allows a low cost way to deploy GPU accelerators in a wide range of commodity off the shelf server chassis designs.

14 SATA ports and an NVMe M.2 connector

The Tempest CX S7106 takes full advantage of the new Intel C621 PCH by providing all 14 SATA ports. This makes the motherboard a fantastic option for low cost storage deployment by supporting up to 14 commodity SATA drives without the need for an expensive HBA.

The available NVMe M.2 connector allows server designers to move the operating system to an internal storage device and frees up all SATA ports for high capacity storage. It is also useful for high performance caching use cases.

Optional TPM 1.2 / TPM 2.0 Support

Tyan's S7106 features support for TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 devices with modules available from both Nuvoton and Infineon for both TPM revisions. The devices are available separately and attach to an LPC header on the motherboard.

Model Chip TPM Revision
TM-TPM-IInfineon SLB9635TPM 1.2
TM-TPM2-IInfineon SLB9665TPM 2.0
TM-TPM2-NNuvoton NPCT650TPM 2.0

IPMI 2.0 with Redfish Support

Featuring AMI Megarac firmware, the s7106 motherboard offers support for IPMI 2.0 with iKVM and the DMTF Redfish management protocol

Target Applications

  • General purpose datacenter applications
  • Software defined storage
  • Content Distribution
  • Object Storage
  • Virtualization