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OCP LAN Mezzanine Cards


Tyan designs and offers a complete line of OCP LAN Mezzanine cards designed for use with our server platforms. Not all cards are guaranteed to be compatible with all of our server platforms, please check the specifications of any given server platform to ensure compatibility.


SKUTypeChipsetPort CountForm Factor
M7062-I599-2T10GBase SFP+ EthernetIntel 82599ES2 PortsOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
M7062-I599-1T10GBase SFP+ EthernetIntel 82599EN1 PortOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
M7076-I3501000Base-T EthernetIntel i350-BT22 PortsOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
M7086-X710-2F10GBase SFP+ EthernetIntel X710-AM22 PortsOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
M7106-X557-2T10GBase-T EthernetIntel X557-AT22 PortsOCP v2.0 LAN Mezzanine
M7106-X557-2T2E10GBase-T EthernetIntel X557-AT22 LAN Ports + 2 NVMe portsOCP v2.0 LAN Mezzanine
M7106-C604-1H100GBase QSFP28 EthernetCavium QL456041 PortOCP v2.0 LAN Mezzanine
M7108-I3501000Base-T EthernetIntel i350-BT22 PortsOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
M7108-X550-2T10GBase-T EthernetIntel x550-BT22 PortsOCP v0.5 LAN Mezzanine
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