TYAN RMA Service Procedure



If you are located in North/South America or Canada, and you are a Distribution Customer needing RMA Servicing or Technical Support assistance, please follow below.


TYAN US RMA Service Procedures

Step 1: Contact TYAN

Customer requests Technical Support assistance from TYAN US Tech support via:
  • Service phone number: (510)440-8808

Step 2:

TYAN Global Support Services issues a Support Case #.
* Please note the case number from Tech Support is a requirement for RMA application.

Step 3:

TYAN Global Support Services determines that a RMA is required for problem resolution.

Step 4:

TYAN Global Support Services requests that a viable Purchase Order or Invoice for failed product and reviews warranty status.

Product warranty status verification:

TYAN will in its sole discretion verify the warranty status of the returned Product, which may include, but not without limitation of, if the Product is defective and returned within the applicable Warranty Period or if the Product's defect, failure or damage is not covered by TYAN's warranty.

The RAM service may apply according to TYAN's verification of the Product warranty status.

Provision of RMA service:

In-Warranty Services
If a Product which is defective and returned falls under the applicable warranty, TYAN will, at its sole discretion and at no cost to the customer, repair or replace the defective Product according to product information provided in the customer's RMA form.

TYAN will in its sole discretion replace the defective Product with a reconditioned unit of same model or with a comparable model or substitute, as available.

Out of Warranty Services
If a Product which is defective and returned falls outside the applicable warranty, the customer may purchase the OOW services. TYAN Service Center will contact customer if the customer needs the RMA service for the returned Product and provide the quotation for such RAM service to customer upon request.

Customer Induce Damage ("CID")
If the returned Product is determined as CID case, the returned Product falls under the OOW category and shall be subject to the OOW services. TYAN Service Center will contact customer if the customer needs the RMA service for the returned Product and provide the quotation for such RAM service to customer upon request. The original warranty status will be reinstated once the RMA service for such CID Product is completed.

The repaired or replaced parts will be warranted for 60 days from the date of return shipment from TYAN, or for the balance of its original Warranty Period, whichever is longer.

Step 5:

Once warranty status has been verified and a viable Purchase Order or Invoice has been received and reviewed by TYAN Global Support Services, a RMA # will be issued to the customer. Technical Support attaches RMA form to HelpSTAR ticket

Step 6:

Customer ships defective product back to TYAN with the RMA # written clearly on the outside of the package. Customer completes RMA form and places completed RMA form inside of package.
  Shipping Instructions

A RMA number issued by TYAN Service Center for the returned Product must be clearly printed on the outside of the box. TYAN will not accept any shipment directly from any customer without a RMA number. Any package or defective Product that is sent to TYAN's Service Center without an RMA number will be rejected and sent back at the owner's expenses and risks.

TYAN may refuse to issue the RAM number or provide RMA service and shall not be responsible for any damages or liabilities incurred to the customer or the Product if the requested information in the RMA form provided by the customer is incomplete or illegible or the part number/serial number is altered or removed.

The socket covers shall be used when sending back any Product that requires RMA service. If the customer does not have the original socket covers then all effort must be made to cover and protect these sockets; otherwise, if these sockets are damaged during transit, the warranty will be void or subject to an "Out of Warranty" charge to repair the socket.

TYAN will not be responsible for any losses or damage to the Product incurred while the Product is in transit or is being shipped for RMA service. Insurance is recommended.

The shipping charges from the customer's location to TYAN's Service Center shall be borne by the customer.

  Complete the RMA form
The customer is required to provide the following information in the RMA form:
  • Case Number
  • Customer information: company name, contact person and phone number, etc.
  • Product information: model name, part number, serial number, System Configuration (Test Equipment), etc.
  • Problem reporting date/time
  • Reporting issue(s)
  • Initial resolutions provided
  • Date of purchase
  • Where the Product was purchased
  • Copy of the invoice or proof of purchase

Where can I find the Serial Number?

Serial number of the Product will be used to determine its warranty status, including the warranty coverage and warranty period by TYAN in its sole discretion. Please read the following information regarding where you may locate the serial number of the Product and other information of the Product.

TYAN motherboard's Serial number

Each TYAN motherboard includes a label, with printed serial number, attached to either (1) the side of one of the expansion slots or (2) on the PCB (please see illustration below). If your TYAN motherboard does not have a serial number, you will not be able to receive TYAN's warranty and warranty services for such motherboard.

TYAN barebone's Serial number

Each TYAN barebone is shipped with the serial bar-code labels that show the details of the product manufacturing site, serial number, Universal Product Code ("UPC") and production date, etc. The serial bar-code labels are affixed to (1) chassis, (2) motherboard, (3) power supply and (4) shipping carton. A serial bar-code label example is provided as the illustration below:


Step 7:

TYAN fixes defective product and returns the product back to the customer.

Once the repair or replacement for customer's returned Product is completed, TYAN Service Center will inform customer and ship such Product back to the customer. A freight tracking number will be provided accordingly.

For OOW services, including NTF Product, all the shipping charges associated with the Out of Warranty services process will be paid by the customer.

General Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the products of MiTAC International Corporation ("TYAN"). The following terms and conditions set forth TYAN's RMA Service Procedures which only apply to TYAN products covered by TYAN's warranty service and policy set forth in General Warranty ("Products"). You may find out more information regarding General Warranty of TYAN products within this website.

The customers, consumer purchasers or end users who purchase TYAN products or Products from TYAN authorized distributors or from retailers or resellers are advised to first contact their distributors or vendors whom they purchased the products from. The customer, consumer purchaser or end user shall only contact TAYN Service Center for RMA Service for its Products if the customer/consumer purchaser/end user is unable to receive RMA service from its vendor/distributor. In such case, TYAN Service Center will verify and determine in its sole discretion if the Product is covered by TYAN's warranty service and policy set forth in General Warranty.