Success Stories - Supercomputer

Top 1 supercomputer in Japan:
Hitachi T2K Systems of University of Tokyo

The T2K Systems delivered to University of Tokyo by Hitachi features TYAN 4-socket Opteron server platforms designed to achieve a theoretical peak performance of approximately 140 teraflops

The 31st edition of the TOP500 list was released on June 2008 in Dresden, Germany. The T2K Open Supercomputer Systems featuring Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, TYAN 4-socket server platforms, and developed by the University of Tokyo is ranked No. 16 on the Top 500 list worldwide, and also is the No.1 top ranked supercomputer in Japan. The 952 node systems delivered to the University of Tokyo by Hitachi Ltd. is based on a TYAN 4-socket Opteron server platform, the TYAN TN28 B4988. The systems are constructed with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors which will achieve a theoretical peak performance of approximately 140 TFlop/s which makes it one of the largest supercomputer among the world.

Specifications for the T2K Supercomputer were jointly developed in July 2006 by the University of Tsukuba, the University of Kyoto, and the University of Tokyo with the goal of developing each university’s next generation supercomputers. Working collaboratively the universities aimed to develop supercomputer systems with the fastest performing and most advanced technology available. The T2K Open Supercomputer System delivered to the University of Tokyo by Hitachi Ltd. achieves that goal with the most advanced technology along with providing the fastest performance to the universities and their researchers. AMD CoolCore Technology and Independent Dynamic Core Technology are examples of the latest advanced technology available in the T2K Open Supercomputer. These technologies provide much needed energy-efficiency in the form of performance-per-watt and innovative processor-level power management features. With four Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors in each node the T2K Open Supercomputer provides not only the highest performance but also scalability and advanced floating point processing capabilities demanded by the universities and their researchers.

The T2K System in University of Tokyo started operation on 1st of June 2008 and ranked as the No. 1 supercomputer in Japan. This T2K system is comprised with 952 nodes of Hitachi HA8000-tc/RS425 technical servers. Each node of Hitachi HA8000-tc/RS425 technical server is built with the TYAN TN28 B4988 server, four Quad-Core AMD Opteron 8300 Processors (code name:8356), 128GB memory modules, and 1,000GB HD Bay. The T2K Systems in University of Tokyo achieves a theoretical peak performance of approximately 140 TFlop/s.

"Being the leading worldwide server platform provider, TYAN's focus is in advancing R&D and manufacturing ability," said James Sytwu, the GM of TYAN Business Unit of Mitac International Corp. "TYAN is proud in taking part of this distinguished project. Moving forward, TYAN will continue developing and providing the leading technology to our customers, such as Hitachi and more, to enable them to be the leader in their field."

TYAN TN28 B4988 is a 2U 4-way high end server solution which supports four Quad-Core AMD Opteron 8300 processors or four Dual-Core AMD Opteron 8100 processor.