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Taiwan top social networking website, Wretch, served over 200 million members in a very short period of time

Wretch becomes Globally recognized due to TYAN and AMD Technologies

Six young students from National Chiao Tung University have created a new social networking website to satisfy Internet users, creative passions. Wretch ( was created from the schools BBS and quickly became a sensation with over 200 million members in a very short period of time.

The ultimate success of Wretch relies on very stable hardware equipment. As a growing social network site, Wretch needs to be able to fully utilize its network bandwidth to provide a feature rich environment for its members. Wretch also requires robust database servers to hold all the user created materials as well as to create and store new and exciting content for its users.

The President of Wretch, Mr. Chieh, mentions that according to the Test and Evaluation Report of Networking Services, that AMD 64-bit CPU – Opteron has outstanding performance. In 95% of tests items, the AMD Opteron has the highest Cost/Performance (C/P) value of any CPU on the market. AMD has come to realize that Server Platforms are becoming a much greater contributor to the enterprise segment and have invested a lot of resources to help better develop the server platform to capitalize on this advancement.

At the beginning stages of the AMD Opteron, TYAN was leading pioneer developing AMD Opteron products. It was difficult for AMD to break into the Server market with a new solution, but through mutual hard work and perseverance, AMD is now an accepted supplier of Server products. TYAN has always been a reliable partner to AMD and TYAN has the largest market share of AMD Opteron products in the global sales channel. After evaluating company reputation, product performance, and price, AMD selected TYAN as a solution partner to develop and provide the server platforms to meet the expectations that Wretch requires.

As a leading provider of High-End Server and Workstation products, TYAN is always focused on pushing ahead with the newest and best quality server platforms. Tyan understands the importance of both technology and service. To fulfill our customers’ needs for service, TYAN provides the best High-End Server support for all current or future challenges.

The AMD Opteron is a server level CPU. This CPU contains both Dual Core and Quad Core features in single chip. TYAN provides AMD Opteron 1000, 2000 and 8000 series support on both Server and Workstation Motherboards.