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NASA's hyperwall-2 system


NASA unveiled a new 128 screen hyperwall-2 which is capable of rendering one quarter billion pixel graphics and is one of the highest resolution scientific visualization systems in the world. The 23 feet wide by 10 feet tall LCD wall are powered by 128 GPUs and 1,024 processor cores with 74 teraflops of peak processing power with a data storage capacity of 475 terabytes. The new tool enables NASA's scientists and engineers to quickly explore and analyze large datasets that otherwise would take many months to years to analyze. The hyperwall-2 liquid crystal display is being used to view, analyze, and communicate results from NASA's high-fidelity modeling and simulation projects supporting the safety of new space exploration vehicle designs, atmospheric re-entry analysis for the space shuttle, earthquakes, climate change, global weather and black hole collisions.

Designed and developed by the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division in partnership with Colfax International ( in Sunnyvale, CA, the 128 screen hyperwall-2 system is based on Tyan's Thunder n6650W S2915 motherboards. "Tyan and Colfax enjoy a longtime partnership and share a commitment to deliver advanced, innovative solutions for high-performance computing," said Gautam Shah, CEO, Colfax International. "Tyan's S2915 is a stable and high performance motherboard, making it an ideal base platform for Colfax to build the NASA hyperwall-2 system."

The S2915 offers the very best in 2P motherboard technology. Built for high-end workstation and high-end server applications, the S2915 supports dual AMD Opteron 2000 series processors (dual-core and quad-core), and includes a number of integrated features such as dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1394a FireWire, Audio, USB 2.0, and support for multiple PCI Express x16 graphics cards - up to four (4) can be installed at once! Other features include PCI-X, SATA2/3G with RAID, SAS, and much more, all in an eATX (12" x 13") form factor.