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GPU Server LAN Mezzanine


Tyan's 4U - 8GPU server line of FT77A-B7059, FT77C-B7079, and FT77D-B7109 server barebones offer support for a LAN Mezzanine card in a variety of speeds and interfaces. These are special cards designed for these high density GPU servers.


SKUTypeChipsetPort CountChassis Support
M7059F77A-I3501000Base-T EthernetIntel I350-BT22 PortsTyan FT77A / FT77C
M7059F77D-I3501000Base-T EthernetIntel I350-BT22 PortsTyan FT77D Chassis
M7059F77A-X54010GBase-T EthernetIntel X540-AT22 PortsTyan FT77A / FT77C
M7059F77D-X540-2T10GBase-T EthernetIntel X540-AT22 PortsTyan FT77D Chassis
M7077F77A-B810-2F10GBase SFP+ EthernetQlogic BCM578102 PortsTyan FT77A / FT77C
M7077F77D-B810-2F10GBase SFP+ EthernetQlogic BCM578102 PortsTyan FT77D Chassis
M7109F77D-V710-2V25GBase SFP28 EthernetIntel XXV7102 PortsTyan FT77D Chassis
M7059F77A-FDR-256Gb/s FDR InfiniBandMellanox ConnectX-3 MT27508A1-FCCR-FV2 PortsTyan FT77A / FT77C
M7059F77D-FDR-256Gb/s FDR InfiniBandMellanox ConnectX-3 MT27508A1-FCCR-FV2 PortsTyan FT77D Chassis